Welcome to Globe Air

Globe Air is a full-service air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration company operating from Cape Town.

With the demand for air conditioning increasing daily, Globe Air can offer tailored services to suit all your requirements.

Please look in our Products section for application examples.

We mainly operate in the Western Cape and are able to provide 24 hour service, with excellent response times.

We also offer service contracts.


Save up to 30% on air-conditioning running costs!

Improving energy efficiency is the best short-term answer to today’s energy problems.

Until cleaner and sustainable sources of energy become available on a large scale, improving the energy efficiency of today’s systems is the best way to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.

And the best thing is: everyone can contribute!


Going Green

Globe Air is determined about introducing greener practice into the industry by training its staff to practise safe handling of refrigerants. Globe Air also offers a huge range of Green alternative equipment and designs.

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